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Bruce Klein

 Bruce Klein

★★★★★ 4 years ago
My name is Bruce Klein.  I've been acquainted with Fred for about five years.  I've never been in a situation requiring Fred’s services, but through my recommendation, several of my friends have been represented by him. My friends and acquaintances are all middle class, middle of the road people that rarely if ever get into trouble.    Fred has done an excellent job with each and every client I sent his way, and told me of the splendid service provided by Fred as well as claiming that they too would recommend him to others.  Fred is an outstanding criminal lawyer with a deep empathy for his clients and a thorough understanding of the law.  There's an old saying:  "A good lawyer knows the law but a great lawyer knows the judge."  Well, Fred knows all the judges!  If any of your friends gets into trouble or requires any form of legal advice do tell them about Fred.  He will give you exceptional service.  

Kathleen Mabie

 Mr. Bauerlein has been representing me as my divorce attorney since June of 2016. I can not express my sincerest appreciation for all of his diligence and patience through this entire time. There is no one I would recommend more to help you in you're time of need than Mr Bauerlein. Thank you so much for all you have done for myself and my children. I will always remember you for your persistence in making sure what needed to be done was done. Thank you. 

Ginger McGuffin

 My name is Ginger McGuffin.  I've known Fred since 2002.  He has represented both of my sons and me.  With my sons, there have been several different charges that single guys get into trouble about.  Fred has made all these charges go away.  I'm really impressed with Fred's ability to work things out with the prosecutors and the courts.  He has a gift for gab and seems to know EVERYONE! Fred also represented me when I owned my restaurant and the previous owner tried to scam me. His through knowledge of the law saved me a lot of money and heartache. Fred truly cares about the clients he works with and I would recommend him to anyone (and have). 

Ruediger Mueller

 My name is Dr. Rudi Mueller. I am a Certified Turnaround Professional. Over the last few years I have had numerous occasions to work with Fred Bauerlein on number of issues from corporate and business law to contractual and other issues. The reason I continue to come back to Mr. Bauerlein is his professional attitude and competency combined with tenacious engagement on behalf of the client. He assesses a situation carefully and advises the client of all consequences of a course of action while at the same time presenting alternatives.  Mr. Bauerlein will fight hard for his clients but will also advise on compromise solutions and the best course of action. He will not push legal action until all other less time consuming and costly alternatives are exhausted. He is a good negotiator and can be relied on in contractual matters as well. 

Success Stories

Six charges of DUI dropped

My client was charged with seven counts of Driving Under the Influence.  I negotiated six of them away and pleaded to the seventh.  My client was very happy and left court with a smile.

I guided a client through the legal
 process of starting a new business

Business Startup

I guided a client through the legal process of starting a new business so that she was in compliance with Federal, State and local laws and ordinances.

Landlord Liability

My client had warned her landlord several times of a hazardous situation.  The landlord failed to repair and my client was severely injured.  Settled prior to court for $500,000.00.